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As the most efficient and reliable Linux video encoder for video sharing, Sothink Video Encoder Engine enables all webmasters or video companies to batch upload, convert any video to Flash video (FLV) on any Linux servers, edit and customize video with more visual operations, greater processing capability and higher efficiency. Create YouTube Clone, video sharing scripts and other video portal scripts with much convenience, no extra fee required.

This Linux video encoder converts various popular formats of video to FLV with great quality, including H.264/AVC encoded HD videos. Featuring better usability and quality, it greatly boosts setting up video sharing website, and also gives a highly effective way to do video editing, batch flash encoding and watermark. Apply video share script like PHP video script, to Linux-based websites, communities, forums and more areas. Run highly profitable video sharing business at once!

1. Server-side Linux Video Encoder converts video to FLV from various formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, RM, MPEG, MKV, MOV, H.264 and HD videos. No quality loss.2. Rich database fields, parameters, and API documents, perfect for secondary development.3. Guide through Linux system check, installation, and database configuration.4. Fresh Web Control Center, coexisted with command-line console mode, makes operations more intuitive and easier.5. Great batch and queue mode.6. Speed up video conversion process by directly calling ready-made video/audio settings. Save time and energy. 7. Reduce server load. Take precautions against resource shortage or even crash.8. Login to the Administration background for video editing, deletion, and other managements.9. Apply various video editing functions like trimming video clips, cropping, adding descriptions, subtitles, thumbnails, watermarks, customizing bit rate, frame rate, zoom, and more.10. Provide free full open source code of live demo sites written in PHP, as well as SDK documents and user manuals.
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How to Uninstall Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) 3.11

Open Start Menu, and look for the Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) program group. In the Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) program group, you should see Uninstall Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version). Click this to uninstall. If you don't see an Uninstall icon, Open Start Menu\Control Panel, Uninstall a Program. You should see Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) 3.11 in the list. Select it and press the [Uninstall] button above it.